A Plan

A plan is what I need. I am no more closer to finding the truth of life than I was when I first started searching for it. I guess this is why everyone finds it hard to express it and content themselves with dedicating their life to a cause.

That is one of the definitions of life you come across: people believing in something and working for it relentlessly all their life, only for it to be mocked at by higher life forms.

The reality is humans are not immortal. It is not to say being immortal is any more useful. I say 70 years on this planet is really enough. It must be an optimal time planned by the One(I will not say God because it is a term coined by wise ancestors and is meant for religious purposes or answering questions that do not have answers). Why would I say 70 years is enough? Purpose. A human throughout his life doesn’t know his purpose. Why is there so much ambiguity. Why are there so few rational answers. And how insignificant is a single human. Is living a life all about the ride or the end.

Anyway I should get back  to the plan before I deviate into paths that lead nowhere for now. I am confident as I grow, my wisdom will to0 and I get know more of the One’s big plan for us mortals.

The plan:

Forget speculation about the future.

If I want to be happy, I have to work towards what I want to become.

What do I want to become?

1. Have a great body. Be super fit. Run a lot.

2. Rich. Need money.

3. Learn the guitar. Though the start is the guitar, its really about wanting to express my thoughts through music. Go on to other instruments.

4. Read a lot of books. The elders know. I am the humble pupil.

5. Become dependable. Discipline. Fulfil responsibilities.

6. Learn a fighting art. Man was made to be aggressive and you need to learn the art.

Well. Its time for the plan.

Things I need to do:

1. Plan every weekend for the week ahead.

2. Plan every day. Life is not easy. Keep painting yourself a false picture and you are a dead fucking duck.

3. Make a diet plan. I know its not easy but being fit involves taking care of what you eat.

4. Ask others for help. Life is a lot about social interaction. The animal kingdom depends a lot on social interaction.

5. Practise the guitar everyday for 30 mins. One small step at a time.

6. Put off learning the fighting art till you make your own money.

7. Be a shark in academics. Enjoy the ride. Sweat now, reap the rewards later. Remember that you will get your reward, only it will be after a little while rather than an immediate one.


~ by badkow on October 13, 2008.

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