Antonio Cassano

I must have downloaded atleast 7-8 GB of football videos/compilations. I simply love watching them, players smashing in goals with the bohemian rhapsody playing in the background.

I am a lazy guy and there were days when I used to well have a kind of “starting problem” to haul my ass up to the ground. Then I used to listen to this compilation. It was named “Totti & Cassano”. The video used to barely show the excellent football played by the Giallorossi but the song “Rock you like a Hurricane” by the Scorpions was enough to get me off my feet.

Now we return to Antonio Cassano. Boy genius turned Super Brat.,0.jpg

The story of this lad is a very interesting one. He had a poor childhood. He was born in Bari, an unknown Italian town and he grew up playing street soccer. His talent was eventually spotted by a scout from FC Bari and a couple of years later, AS Roma come sweeping in with a multi-million offer of ridiculous of proportions for a boy so young. Cassano wins the Giallorossi fans over and becomes the darling boy of Italian football.

Totti and Cassano

Club Captain and the King of Italian football, Francesco Totti took Cassano under him and they forged one of the most formidable striker forces in Italy. They played scintillating football together and became close friends.  Come fame, come money; most people in life get lost and Cassano was not a saint either.Money and fame come at a premium. And for this poor kid, they did come too quickly. He dressed extravagantly, he played extravagantly and he lived like a millionaire on a  holiday. Fame soon got to his head and he behaved like any player would. He turned up late for training, was drunk and partying  most of the time. His relationship with Totti was deteriorating and eventually broke up when Cassano dint turn up at some family occasion of Totti’s.  Then Cassano decided he wanted to further enhance his reputation as the bad boy when he refused to sign a contract extension and poor Roma were forced to sell him for a cut-price 5 Million dollars to Real Madrid. What happens to high profile players after they transfer to Madrid – they dont win anything ever again and their careers go on a downward spiral. So destiny took its path and here we arrive at a Cassano, who has sobered down, realised his mistakes. And to make him realise his mistakes, it took Real Madrid, Fabio Capello and 720 minutes on different benches across Spain.  Lets see the new Cassano now in this exclusive interview:

The big news – in more ways than one – centres around the weighty figures of both Toni Cassano and Ronaldo. It was revealed that the Italian attacker was so hacked off at his continued absence from the Real Madrid starting line up that he stood face to face – well, face to chest – with Fabio Capello after the game and blew a gasket.

“I deserve to be in the team,” he squealed at his somewhat surprised manager, “have you know shame! It’s a disgrace. I saved your arse at Roma and this is how you repay me!”.

Cassano in remorse

There has to be just a little bit of sympathy with Cassano’s position. He was one of the best players in the club’s preseason where appeared to have bucked up his footballing ideas up considerably. He even managed a goal in last week’s Ecija cup game. However, like Beckham, Cassano has become a victim of Capello’s desire to play with six defensive players and only one proper forward – Van Nistelrooy.

Another very unhappy bunny at the club is Ronaldo – who has been a regular bench partner of Cassano over recent weeks. Interesting, it isn’t clear whether they have to sit on opposite sides to avoid tipping it up and sending Reyes flying into the air.

lol 😀 


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