A few matters in English football

Simple Answers to tough arguments:

Q: “If Gareth Barry doesn’t make it to the England squad this weekend, what does the lad have to do to play for his country?”

A: Join Middlesbrough FC!!

Q: “Dion Georgiou makes some extremely good points in his attempt to defend the playing abilities of Mr Crouch. Crouch’s international records is in a class of its own. 11 goals in 14 games and his performances for Pool this season are highly commendable. Give me one reason why he cannot be an England international!

A: Crouch is crap!

Q: Which of these would be most use in the England squad?

I know its just the English press being too critical of their team but lmao @ the duck!!


~ by badkow on October 4, 2006.

3 Responses to “A few matters in English football”

  1. Hey badkow! I just found your blog! Great stuff here… on the weekends I am the barkeep at an English pub in Houston, Texas. We show all of the football games, so I have become quite a follower of the English Premier League. Which team do you support?

    Not being from England, I have had difficulty choosing a team.

    Would love to hear your thoughts…


  2. Thanks Will. I support Manchester United. Hail Cristiano!

  3. Thanks for the nice read, keep up the interesting posts.

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