Quarter-life crisis

The last few years have literally breezed by me. So what was I doing in a technological institute, typing abstract java while looking at the pretty girl who sat across me in the lab. There were too many questions on a brain which seemed more keen on admiring the female species in the lab. And finally here I am, a qualified engineer with a second-class degree in hand.

I was wondering why I make the choices I make and whether God has a say in them. Then I wonder why we believe in God. I think people believe in God so they have a faith to follow; a system of rules without which they would be lost easily. These rules keep a person in check from wandering away from the realities of life and the practicalities of the world. In other words, they keep a person sane by making sure he doesnt surpass the limitations of a human mind.Why do people go mad? By ‘mad’ I mean not angry as commonly used nowadays but the real meaning of the word, become mentally unstable. It is when they cease to believe in the rationality of life or one of its enchantments. They either think about too many questions that their brain cannot accomodate or are obessed on something so trivial and irrational that they cannot comprehend the meaning of it.

Thinking too much is never good. There is a limit on how much your brain can handle and this is where faith comes in. It doesnt let you get lost in the complexities of life and provides answers to unanswerable questions, to those that simply choose to believe in them without seeking the rationality behind those answers.

I am still an amateur with regards to understanding life and me, how we are connected; And for what purpose has God given intelligence to only one species? Intelligence that I only fear will eventually lead to the destruction of this world. More on this later…


~ by badkow on October 3, 2006.

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