The Quotes Of The Week dtd 27/09/2006

This is one of the regular features in It rounds up all the super quotes of the week from managers and players. I edited a little out and kept only the real funny things. I couldn’t resist adding a little myself, the parts in Italic.

Verbal wonders from the past seven days…

* “As a father, of course it is painful to watch your son talk tall and exaggerate his influence for financial gain” – Sam Allardyce after his son, Craig Allardyce, accused the Bolton boss of accepting illegal payments during the BBC’s Panorama investigation.

* “That’s out of order” – Allardyce responds to Jeff Stelling’s question of ‘Did you ever take a bung?’.

* “I am against the quick TV judgment that can tarnish people’s reputation without proving anything. It looks like Middle Age justice. You burn someone quickly to satisfy people” – Arsene Wenger.

* “Ref, that was a pen, you f****** cheating c***” – What Wayne Rooney said to referee Peter Walton during ManYoo’s draw with Reading according to amateur lip readers.

* “If we’re going to have Mark Halsey, I hope it’s not against Arsenal, Man United, Liverpool or Chelsea. It should be against other teams. For whatever reason, at Craven Cottage when we have him, there’s controversy. So for his sake, as well as ours, he shouldn’t be here” – Fulham boss Chris Coleman. And he might have an argument if only Rosenior didn’t blatantly commit a handball and Michael Brown had tackled the ball rather than Petr Cech’s midriff.

* “I got close to Ronaldo’s shot but he absolutely smashed i. He was all over the place and he’s got so many moves. He doesn’t need much room – give him just half a yard and that’s it. Hey, I wouldn’t mind getting booed for £120,000 a week. Boo me, please” – Reading goalkeeper Marcus Hahnemann. I dint know he was paid £120,000 a week! I think it too much for a 22-year old. English football sure is a rich place if what Hahnemann says is true.

* I’m judged on a game-to-game basis, which is difficult” – Gareth Southgate. Well maybe he is asking us to judge him after he’s relegated Middlesborough.

* It would be a dream to play for my country in the European Championship but there is no way I can play now because I quit. It’s upsetting but I’m a principled person It’s a very unprofessional set-up. In the last year we’ve had no practical training. We’d go on the pitch and not know what to do. It’s like amateur football. The football in Austria is awful. If they asked me to play [next month], I would have to, otherwise I’d get a four game ban for Wigan. I don’t agree with that, but they are the rules and there is nothing I can do about them” – Paul Scharner. I do not support Scharner’s agreement here; If a person was fit enough to play regularly for his club, why cant he do likewise for his country? It just goes to show how unconcerned and selfish, some players are about their national responsibilities.

* “I used to spend loads of money on Armani. I wouldn’t bother going to the shop, I’d just get them to bring the shop to my house” – David James. Interesting personality, second only to Barthez perhaps. Both of them would make the most amazing saves possible and then let in a couple of howlers.

* “I was never going to play for England. I was Ronaldinho without the skill” – Neil Warnock recalls his playing days. A much outspoken and much misunderstood manager.

* “If I had to pay to watch a team, it would be Arsenal. They’re like a Rolls-Royce that you can’t take your eye off. We’re somewhere between a Ford Anglia and a BMW. You don’t know what you’ll get” – Warnock updates Forest Gump’s guide to life.

* “I haven’t moved house yet so at the moment I have to tackle the M25 every morning to get to training. One- and-a-half hours it takes just to drive there. It’s very difficult and I have to get up early every morning just so I can be ready to leave by 8 o’clock. And every morning it’s like, ‘Oh, I’ve got to take the M25 again.'” – William Gallas reveals the downside of accepting Arsenal’s offer of £80k-a-week. A cheapshot remark considering Chelsea were ready to pay him £120k-a-week and Gallas only left because he hated playing under Mourinho and the rigid Chelski style.

* “This year, I really am trying not to mention referees or linesmen,” he said. “I make mistakes and players do the same. we make more than any one official over the course of a game. But…” – David Moyes after Newcastle scored a blatantly offside goal against Everton. I kinda like this guy, Moyes – does his job well and doesnt talk much.

* “This is not my master plan. That’s the side we went in with at the start of the season because those were the players we had. We didn’t have any more fit players” – Martin O’Neill on the origins of his three-pronged strikeforce. I would love to see him succeed SAF!

* “It’s difficult to tell a seven-year-old, ‘This is the Premiership, and I’m known as Psycho'” – Stuart Pearce explains why a cuddly toy horse called Beanie was positioned just in front of the Manchester City dugout for the match with West Ham. HAHA he really does overdo the psycho part sometimes.

* “Welcome to Adrian Boothroyd and his Reading team” – The introduction of Paul Jewell’s well-researched programme notes this weekend. lol

* “He said the world had changed in the last 10 years, and I thought, ‘Yes, our world has changed too’.” I thought, ‘Is he talking about me?'” – Arsene Wenger is moved by Tony Blair’s final speech to the Labour Party Conference as Prime Minister. Silly Billy Wenger; half wise half a fool
* “Where we are trying to go, there are going to be a lot of disappointments ahead” – Roy Keane predicts good times at Sunderland. lol

* “He constantly wants sex because he thinks he can wear his groin out if it’s being fixed. It’s exhausting” – Sheree Murphy, Mrs Harry Kewell. So at least he is getting some action this year then. ROFL


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